Why I'm Running

What would be your biggest challenge if elected?

From the LWV Primary Voter Guide

"The biggest challenge facing the next mayor of Red Wing will be leading the city out of the economic crisis brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. This pandemic has seriously affected every sector of our economy and it has also damaged the non-profit sector that is so important to our quality of life. It has impacted our schools, our city government and brought difficulties to many families. We need to aggressively pursue solutions that will put us back on the track to economic growth."

If you had to paint a picture of the future of the city over the next 10 years, what would it look like?

From the LWV Primary Voter Guide
"My vision for Red Wing over the next 10 years is of a city that is reaching its full potential. That means a strong, vibrant economy with a diverse, well-educated workforce. That means strong, creative partnerships between the private and public sectors. It also means a city government that efficiently provides the services its citizens require, without excessive taxation. With its natural beauty and economic assets. I want Red Wing to be one of the premier cities in all of Minnesota."

What actions, if any, would you take to change the affordability of housing in the city?

From the LWV Primary Voter Guide
"The solutions to affordable housing are largely to be found in the private sector. Government's role should be to encourage investments by removing barriers to housing construction. Those barriers are numerous, including a variety of fees, taxes, and permits that serve as obstacles to capital investment in housing. We need to create a climate in Red Wing that encourages more investments in building more affordable housing."
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