‘The Mayor is In’: Working together is imperative for results

June 14, 2021

People expect their elected officials to put aside their differences and do their jobs — fixing things, planning for the future, and listening respectfully to their constituents and each other.

Regardless of what level — federal, state, or local — government can’t do its job if elected officials don’t work together. A friend who works on Capitol Hill in Washington tells me that there are Republicans and Democrats who refuse to ride in the same elevator because of personal and/or political dislikes and disagreements. No wonder Congress’s approval ratings hang just north of single digits.

Apparently, this sort of animosity isn’t just a D.C. thing. Here in Red Wing, it’s been reported that certain City Council members have refused to serve on committees with other members, resulting in one member getting bumped from committees by the council president.

Look, the seven folks who serve on our City Council don’t have to like each other — or me for that matter. But we need to be able to sit down at the table and make the best decisions we can for the city we all care deeply about.

‘The 2040 Plan’

Speaking of Red Wing’s future, you may or may not be familiar with “The 2040 Plan” – a detailed and visionary picture of what our city might look like 20 or so years from now. Completed a couple of years ago, it’s the result of input from hundreds of citizens from every neighborhood. You can read all about it at www.red-wing.org/354/Red-Wing-2040.

One of the top priorities people talked about is the revitalization of our historic downtown. That’s one of my top priorities as well. As we speak, I’m meeting with foundation heads, business leaders, government officials, and citizens to see how, among other things, we can raise money to provide financial incentives to attract new businesses and renovate the top floors of downtown buildings into apartments and condominiums. More about that later.

Now what do you think?

When “The Mayor is IN” sign is out at 327 Third St., feel free to stop in and share your ideas and opinions. Or email me anytime at

Remember, if it’s important to you, it’s important to me.

First published on the Republican Eagle, June 14th, 2021

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