"Mike is that guy who can get along with anyone. He reaches out, sees a need and makes things happen without it being about him. He likes to work which is a trait I really admire. My husband Darly and I graduated with Mike Wilson and Jeannette Wilson. He loves his hometown and our community. He is a business man who has served in numerous ways. The RED WING MARINE MUSEUM is his dream. And, he is funny! I remember seeing him at River City Days with his arm around a guy who was living on the streets in Red Wing and having a great time talking with him. A while later he was talking to a Red Wing Shoe Executive with exactly the same manner. He is that guy! It is hard to put into words how much I admire him and his family"
Susan Olson Mark
Owner of Whimsy's downtown Red Wing
Mike Wilson has been a member of the Upper Mississippi Waterway Association, https://umwa.net/, an organization representing shipping, transportation, and service companies on the Upper Mississippi River, for twenty-five years. Mike is a long-time board member and attends our monthly meetings where his valuable input on Mississippi River issues, especially in the Red Wing area, have been an invaluable resource to the Association.
Doug Hosszu
President Upper Mississippi Waterway Association
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