Serious Thought Needed Before Voting

Are you ready? It’s time to give serious thought to who will represent us over the next term. There are four City Council seats, three School Board seats, Goodhue County sheriff and a state representative from District 20-A to be decided.

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‘The Mayor is In’: Recall petition is old-fashioned democracy in action

Agree with it or not, the “Recall City Hall” campaign to engage all seven Red With City Council members in a special election is grassroots democracy in action. Regardless of how the recall turns out, I think it’s healthy. Citizens are getting more involved and interested in how our city is run, and democracy thrives on participation.

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‘The Mayor is In’: Let’s kickstart commerce with that $1.8M

Red Wing is set to receive roughly $1.8 million from the federal economic stimulus bill. So what should we do with it? I think we ought to invest in revitalizing our downtown, sending some love to Old West Main, and making it much easier and less expensive for new businesses and developers to get projects going and help build our community.

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