Smart, Realistic Goals for 2022 and Beyond

February 21, 2022

Before we can find solutions and meet our challenges here in Red Wing, we need to ask ourselves the right questions and set smart, realistic goals. That’s a big part of what our recent mayor-council-staff annual two-day workshop was all about.

Here are a few of the big questions we discussed. Take a look, and then let me know what you think. These are all important, so I present them in no particular order.

  • Funding ambulance service: We had more than 3,000 calls last year, and we are looking at a significant shortfall in funding. Where should the money come from?
  • Downtown parking: Developers tell us that lack of parking is a major impediment to residential refurbishing of upper level space downtown. How and where should we find more parking?
  • Human rights: Red Wing’s growing minority population needs to feel and be more involved and accepted into our community. How do we help make sure that happens?
  • Electric Vehicle (EV) charging stations: How many more do we need? Where should they be located? How should they be funded?
  • Budget surplus: Red Wing has millions of extra dollars in the bank, and about $860,000 still coming from the federal American Rescue Plan. Can’t we put some of that money to work improving our community?
  • Housing for the homeless: Red Wing has a growing number of people living on the edge. What’s the best way to ensure that everyone has safe shelter?
  • Downtown flooding: Two years ago, heavy rains overwhelmed the city’s storm sewers. In fact, flooding is always a problem. How are we going to address this in the face of advancing climate change?
  • Investment in the arts: Red Wing’s growing reputation as a center for the arts draws tourists from throughout central and southern Minnesota. How do we keep the arts growing in Red Wing, and boost marketing for this tremendous community resource?
  • Protecting our trees and shrubs: How do we ensure that Red Wing remains one of Minnesota’s greenest and most beautiful cities?

In government, there are always more questions than answers. But we’ll keep working on it.

Now what do you think?

When “The Mayor is IN” sign is out at 327 Third St., feel free to stop in and share your ideas and opinions.

Or email me anytime at:

Remember, if it’s important to you, it’s important to me.

Remember to tune in to KCUE Radio 1250 at 9 a.m. on the second and fourth Thursday of every month for “A Conversation With Mike.” It’s a live interview where you ask the questions. And I’ll share the topics that were discussed, and what will be discussed, at the City Council meetings the 2nd and 4th Monday of each month.

First published on the Republican Eagle, February 21st, 2022

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