Hiawatha Speedway Final Race June 27th 1999

Hiawatha Speedway Final Race June 27th, 1999

July 27, 2020

Mike Wilson speaks about bring the Hiawatha Speedway back to life after its closing in 1974 before its sale to make room for Mendards. June 26, 1999.

After closing in 1974, Hiawatha Speedway in Red Wing, MN was brought back to life for one more race weekend and held it’s last races on June 26-27, 1999. This is a short clip of a documentary video that was made about the track’s history and its last event. The full documentary is 70 minutes long and includes many more racing highlights, old pictures and video clips from the 1950s, 60s & 70s, interviews with Hiawatha Speedway drivers, and other great stuff.

Source: The Dirt Show YouTube Channel

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