Elections Can Bring Lasting Change

July 15, 2022

2022 Elections: Begin the “reset;” Head to the polls this summer.

Lasting change can only be assured with your vote. Change is necessary to keep moving forward for the good of all Red Wing residents.

Red Wing is abundant in beautiful parks and trails, and we excel in arts and culture. However, we now need to put more of our focus on our economic development and our spending habits.

We need to lower our taxes and encourage economic growth.

We need to help our small businesses thrive.

The “reset” will begin with two upcoming elections on Aug. 9, not your typical election date. They are a special election and a primary election.

A special election is held when someone in office can no longer serve. This election should not be overlooked. In this case, the seat which was vacated by Andy Klitzke in Ward 2 through his resignation is put to the voters. This seat will be filled until January 2025.

There are two candidates running for this seat. They are Donald Kliewer and Min MartinOakes. Please take the time to get to know where these candidates stand on the issues. The special election takes place on Aug. 9.

A primary election is one that should not be overlooked, either. It helps narrow the field of candidates for the primary election in November. It might be referred to as an election before the election.

Candidates for the at-large seat include Janie Farrar, Chad Kono and Ralph Rauterkus. This vote is citywide.

Candidates running for Ward 4 are Ted Siefert, Stan Nerhaugen II and Vicki Jo Lambert. The primary election for the narrowing of candidates is also Aug. 9. Early voting has already begun for both elections and will run through Aug. 9. You can go to City Hall and cast your ballot early.

Both elections are significant and extremely important to the residents of Red Wing as we begin the process of choosing and changing the five City Council seats.

Lasting change can only be made with your vote. Remember, elections let us determine who makes our decisions for us. Now is your chance to make your voices heard as the “reset” of this City Council begins.

On July 21, the League of Women Voters will hold a “meet and greet” with all of the candidates running for City Council seats. It will be held at the Red Wing Public Library. The event runs from 4:30-6:30 p.m. with candidate statements at 5:30. It is up to each of us to get to know the candidates before we cast our vote.

I will see you there.

First published on the Republican Eagle, July 15th, 2022

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